Children in our vehicles so we can travel safely to families with children (1 per car) we keep the child seat. Please be sure to let If you need a child seat when booking.

Fill in the reservation form on our website for booking, you need to reach us. If reservations have less than 24 hours from the time you can make your reservation by phone.

Luggage and no problems during a 30-minute delay in customs procedures, there are 60 minutes of your time delay when you encounter problems with lost luggage at the airport, when extra luggage works out, you must let us know.

You can get the vehicle you booked through our website or by phone from the location you choose at the date and time you specify

No.Tüm vehicle groups have different rental conditions. In Economical Groups, you need 21 years 2 years license, 23 years in Middle Group 4 years license. In lüx Group you need 27 years and 6 years license.

You can obtain your request before rent by paying extra fee.

The leased vehicle can not be used other than the tenants mentioned in the contract. All damage and insurances will be disabled in case of damage which may occur during this situation.

In case you return the vehicle, the bill will be prepared and sent to your address.

Rented vehicle must be returned to our office or the area where the vehicle is taken. If you deliver to a different province or point, you pay one way difference.

Minimum rental period is 24 hours.

There are 7 days in our vehicles and six days in case of renting. There is 300 km / day. Limit of miles in monthly rentals: 3500 km.Movement rate in km is 0,50 (fifty kuruş) TL

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